Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Engineer

Either an Engineer or a Pool Repair Man...not sure which! Ryder is very technical and always interested in how things work. Totally opposite from his Mama! This morning he was intrigued by all of the pipes that make up the Pool Pump in the backyard. I was letting him investigate until I saw a tag that said something about electrocution. Yikes! He also discovered that yes, there is water under that big black screen, in our backyard! Even with all of the protection we have for the is still scary when you see how interested your little one is in figuring out how he could possibly get into the water! The Easter Bunny is going to bring him a Sand and Water Table that will hopefully provide some distractions from the swimming pool, the toilet, the dog's water bowl, etc...!

We had rain every day last week, but the sun came back and it has been beautiful this week! I can't get enough of it! We went to the park yesterday and even had a picnic lunch...just the two of us...but lots of fun! Hope you guys are enjoying your week!
PS...the Worst thing about going outside is that you eventually have to come inside...not fun in this guys opinion! I love Black and White pictures, but I promise to put some color ones up in my next post!