Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little of this and A little of that...

Why have I been absent from my Blog? I'll tell you why...we've been doing a little of this and a little of that which has added up to a whole lot of time! I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away.

Here are a few of the things that have been keeping us so busy:

We've been doing a little Tree Trimming. I buy the Boys a Keepsake ornament every year and write their name and the year on the box. I love this little tradition. I try to pick one out that is fitting of them at that point in their lives. I could not find a good "Baby" ornament for Plus One, but I loved this little Reindeer with his superman cape and airplane.

An Elmo that sings Jingle Bells, what could be better for my Sesame Street crazed 2-year old? Grover. No Grover ornaments to be found though. Matt's Mom also buys each grandkid (7 total now) an ornament every year. By the time they leave home, they'll be able to decorate a full sized tree without having to buy a single ornament!

We've been car shopping and did finally purchase a new car. Our old one received some unrepairable ouchies the week of Thanksgiving. God is Good and Airbags do save lives.

We've been Partying! Ryder had his school party on Thursday. I packaged up some Magic Reindeer Food and these little crazy-straw cups for each of his friends.

We've been baking like crazy around here and there is still more to get done.

We've been wrapping like crazy around here.

We've been mailing out Christmas Cards and receiving them, too. I love Christmas cards and seeing how everyone's family has grown and changed over the year!

We've been preparing for a very special day...Rustin was Baptized on Saturday evening. It was such a Blessing to have all of our family and friends around on this magnificent December Day!

We've been awe struck by these ladies! We celebrated my Birthday with a trip to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Thanks, Babe!

We hope you all are having a Very Merry Christmas!

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Connors said...

My mom and Mike's mom bought us ornaments each year. When we put up our first tree together, it was packed! :-) It looks like you've had a lot of fun!

Misty Rice said...

Wow you are a very busy mommy this month. Parties. New Car. Baptism. Congrats on so many....

Happy Holidays.

Misty Rice said...

And we are doing something similar I will post about... we are doing a photo ornament of the kids every year for the tree. I have done them since Hunter was little. Well I did one and never did it again, so we did it with both kids this year and decided we would do one every year of the kids. I love it..

Off to the doctor....Morgan still running a fever and has this awful cough, and a lump in her cheek. Please pray it isnt anything to worry about.