Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Babies!

I have to admit that a tiny bit of me was hoping for a photo like this! Secretly, aren't we all? Those are my sweet friend Heather's beautiful kids. My Boys didn't scream...guess a strange man, with a white beard, all dressed up in red isn't that scary after all!

I will say that Ryder was far more interested in all of the Books behind Santa than he was in Santa. The Photographer worked really well with the kids and managed to flash a squeaky toy around enough to get one picture of Ryder standing next to Jolly Ole' St. Nick!

The Downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus is beautiful this time of year. There are interactive window decorations, complete with tunnels and slides, for kids at least 4 years of age. Even though we were still too young to experience that part first hand, Ryder loved watching the other kids through the window. Hats off to them for giving Ryder, Rustin and Me a fun day with my Mom and Sister!

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Connors said...

This is pretty cute - I wouldn't worry about the terrified of Santa picture. We had one of those last year when we went into those little huts where Santa is. It shocked Evan so much that he wouldn't let go of Mike. Not the cutest picture in the world. This one is adorable. :-)