Monday, December 28, 2009

This week’s theme for I Heart Faces is “Hilarious Outtakes.” Since it is the end of the year, I thought I'd find some of our funnier times from throughout the year! Hope you like!

Entry No. 1
In February we took a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium...Matt was trying to get a picture of Ryder and I together. I did not realize there was a huge growling thing behind us. Ryder seems to be saying, "Hey Mom, there is a huge Leopard behind us and he is showing his may want to take a look!".

Entry No. 2
It was March. The weather was beginning to warm up and my morning sickness woes were beginning to fade. We spent the day in Matt's parent's backyard after church one Sunday. We Blew Bubbles, Rode the Four Wheeler and pulled my nose for hours!

Entry No. 3
OK, so don't say I don't put it all out there for ya! After I had "Plus One" in September I was going through all of the pictures we got at the hospital. This is the first one on the card. I was totally unaware it had been taken. In fact, I was pretty unaware of anything except that I wanted an Epidural 5 minutes ago. Thanks, Babe...I know you wanted to get it all documented, but really?

Entry No. 4
So looking back this was a really fun day. I took both boys to the Arboretum right after Halloween so a friend of mine from high school could snap some pictures of them. In the course of that day, I managed to lose Ryder only once and get some amazing photos from Allison. Here is one I captured myself after she left that day...notice Rustin is sticking his tongue out at me. This is right before we left and I think it says it all! A very long day although lots of fun! Both boys were asleep five minutes out of the parking lot.

Entry No. 5
And finally, here is one of my 3 boys. Remember our Smith Family Photo Shoot? I was hoping to get a good shot for our 2009 Christmas Card. This one didn't make the cut but I thought it was worthy for this contest/post! We were on a bridge next to a railroad track and a train was passing through, this offers explanation for Ryder. Matt was wishing we hadn't picked a photo spot so close to a train and Rustin was just hanging out in true "Plus One" form.

That's a quick look at some of our crazier 2009 moments! If you have never played the I Heart Faces game before, this is the perfect week to start. You are allowed 5 pictures this week and I'd love to see some of your outtakes from the year!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Outside

Dear Outside,

I desperately miss you and can't wait for our reunion.
Love- Ryder


Christmas 2009

Our Christmas 2009 was absolutely divine...Santa brought lots of toys for two little boys!

Our Tree sparkled Bright while our Lawn was covered in White!

Our girls took a quick run before it was melted by the Sun!

This Christmas was a first for my sweet Baby Rustin, and I couldn't help stuffing him in the Stocking I was brought home in...Christmas of 1977.

Ryder pretended to feel happy that day, but soon his fever would give him away.

Soon we found out that RSV spoiled his day and all he could do was find a chair and lay.

Not wanting to leave his sweet baby out...24 hours later he began fighting the same bout.

We're all getting better and soon will be fine, but we'll always remember this Christmas 2009!

We Love you all and hope you had a Blessed Christmas! Can't wait to hear and see you all in the coming New Year!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Babies!

I have to admit that a tiny bit of me was hoping for a photo like this! Secretly, aren't we all? Those are my sweet friend Heather's beautiful kids. My Boys didn't scream...guess a strange man, with a white beard, all dressed up in red isn't that scary after all!

I will say that Ryder was far more interested in all of the Books behind Santa than he was in Santa. The Photographer worked really well with the kids and managed to flash a squeaky toy around enough to get one picture of Ryder standing next to Jolly Ole' St. Nick!

The Downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus is beautiful this time of year. There are interactive window decorations, complete with tunnels and slides, for kids at least 4 years of age. Even though we were still too young to experience that part first hand, Ryder loved watching the other kids through the window. Hats off to them for giving Ryder, Rustin and Me a fun day with my Mom and Sister!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little of this and A little of that...

Why have I been absent from my Blog? I'll tell you why...we've been doing a little of this and a little of that which has added up to a whole lot of time! I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away.

Here are a few of the things that have been keeping us so busy:

We've been doing a little Tree Trimming. I buy the Boys a Keepsake ornament every year and write their name and the year on the box. I love this little tradition. I try to pick one out that is fitting of them at that point in their lives. I could not find a good "Baby" ornament for Plus One, but I loved this little Reindeer with his superman cape and airplane.

An Elmo that sings Jingle Bells, what could be better for my Sesame Street crazed 2-year old? Grover. No Grover ornaments to be found though. Matt's Mom also buys each grandkid (7 total now) an ornament every year. By the time they leave home, they'll be able to decorate a full sized tree without having to buy a single ornament!

We've been car shopping and did finally purchase a new car. Our old one received some unrepairable ouchies the week of Thanksgiving. God is Good and Airbags do save lives.

We've been Partying! Ryder had his school party on Thursday. I packaged up some Magic Reindeer Food and these little crazy-straw cups for each of his friends.

We've been baking like crazy around here and there is still more to get done.

We've been wrapping like crazy around here.

We've been mailing out Christmas Cards and receiving them, too. I love Christmas cards and seeing how everyone's family has grown and changed over the year!

We've been preparing for a very special day...Rustin was Baptized on Saturday evening. It was such a Blessing to have all of our family and friends around on this magnificent December Day!

We've been awe struck by these ladies! We celebrated my Birthday with a trip to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Thanks, Babe!

We hope you all are having a Very Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, December 7, 2009

I♥Faces...Sweet dreams

I haven't played the I♥Faces game in awile, but i love this week's theme! I took this picture of "plus one" when he was 4 days old...nothing sweeter than the face of a sleeping, brand new baby!


3 Months Old

I can't believe it as I am typing it, but Rustin is 3 months old today! He has lots of new skills, but his most impressive: sleeping 10 hours a night! We're moving into our second week of full nights of sleep and they are absolutely amazing. Rustin also loves to talk to whomever will pay some close-up face attention to him and he flashes smiles at us all the time. He is our laid back child who just seems to go with the flow on a daily basis. He is such a blessing...


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Snowy Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

I was trying to think of something all Holiday-ish to post for a recipe today. Then I saw these Cranberry Bliss Bars. They are similar to Starbucks Cranberry Bliss which are delicious! I follow her Blog, it is where I found the idea for Ryder's Cookie Monster Cupcakes. I might just have to make these tomorrow!