Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean Slate

Alright folks...lets just wipe the slate clean and pretend I haven't been absent since Christmas! Yikes... I don't know what is wrong with me. I feel like I just can't keep up and when I finally have a chance to sit down and catch my breath that is exactly what I do.

Life has been a blur ever since that September day when Rustin made his arrival. I constantly tell myself that things will slow down next week, but they never do. I seriously have to keep a notepad pinned to my side just to jot down thoughts of things that need to get done or I will forget. I am only 32...short term memory loss isn't supposed to set in this early...or is it?

So here is a little catch up on our January:

1. I am trying to make organization a priority in my life since it is resolution season. Baby steps for this girl though. My goal is to organize one space every day. I haven't made it happen every day, but I have made some progress. I went through the Kitchen Cabinets on Sunday which hadn't been touched since I put everything in them five years ago.

2. We are trying to shed some pounds around here, too. I need it more than Matt. Everyone told me how much easier it is to lose the weight after the second baby than the first. Not my experience. When Baby 1 arrived, I didn't have all kinds of toddler snacks laying around the house. I really started monitoring my diet after the first of the year and noticed how it is almost second nature for me to give Ryder a handful of Teddy Graham's and then take a handful for myself. Being in what I like to refer to as "survival mode" these first few months of having 2 children ages 2 and under, I found that I never sat down to have a meal. I instead grabbed handfuls of this and that as I moved around the house. Problem is, this and that were never anything healthy. Primarily, it equated to eating cookies all day long.

3. Matt is moving right along on his little cancer center project at Baylor. O.K. I am being slightly sarcastic when I say little...

I was in Dallas for work yesterday and decided to drive by. I was shocked at the progress since I had last seen the site.

I drove through downtown Dallas on my way home...I always love the view driving between all the buildings. Not really sure why, but it is always mesmerizing to me. Ryder always seems to be asleep when we do this, but I'm sure he would be fascinated too!

5. Ryder is loving Rustin more every day.

From this picture I don't know if we can say that the feeling is mutual, but I have faith that Rustin will learn to love his brother. I can't believe that he is not that itty-bitty thing that curls up in a ball on your chest anymore. Sometimes I wish we could just push the pause button on life so that we could cherish little moments a tad longer, but that is just not how God planned it.

I'm going to try and work on a little project I saw on another Blog this evening! I'll post some picture updates and a link to the Blog a little later!

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Misty Rice said...

Welcome back.

Well I finally just did some reading on my own and I explored today (all day should I say) and I finally took the step and nerve to play with my blog. I gave it a makeover today.

Although I wont leave it like this... not sure I like the head or sidebars. I am proud of myself.

Take a peek and see what you think?