Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Attn: Producer(s) of "What Not to Wear"

Dear Sir or Madam:

Need I say more?



Connors said...

I just love it! 2 year olds are so adorable (minus the fits of drama from time to time).

Anonymous said...

Joy! I have to admit I was dreading the potty training, but honestly, it's not been anywhere near as bad as I thought. We started less than a week ago. He is in underwear at home, and pullups during naps, night-time, and long outtings.

We had some MAJOR successes today that I must share. First, we went to the mall today and on the way there, he said he needed to potty. I told him to wait and we could go at the mall (I fully expected him to go in his pullup on the way).

BUT, we get to the mall, and go to the potty. His pull-up was DRY (shocker #1) and he actually went in a public potty (shocker #2).

Then, we get home, he says he'd just passed gas, so I ask him if he needed to potty (of course he said "no"). I took him anyway and his pull-up was STILL dry (shocker #3)and he went #2 on the potty! (shocker #4).

It's funny, now that he's got this potty thing somewhat down, he walks around like he's the big cheese. It's super cute!

As for messes, we've really only had a couple...and I think it was those messes that's motivated him thus far. One happened while sitting in his booster eating dinner...he did NOT like that.

A friend gave me the tip of dressing him in sweat-pants (the kind with the elastic ankles) to absorb and contain any messes. I haven't really tried it, but sounds like it might work well.

Go for it!