Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ryder says...."Mmmmmm Yum!!". Thank you Grandma, for my delicious ice cream cone and the delights of your backyard this warm January day!

I made another "Mmmmm, Yum!!" dish for dinner. We were watching TV after both the boys were in bed Sunday night and I saw a Cream Cheese Commercial. Kick your normal spaghetti recipe up a notch by adding half a block of cream cheese and some Parmesan to your sauce right before pouring over your spaghetti. It was AMAZING!!!!! Or maybe it was only amazing to us because we've been Weight Watchers strong for three weeks now, but I think even if we weren't it would have still been just as delicious to our little taste buds!

This new little guy was yummy to hold today, too! Our good friends welcomed their newest addition yesterday. Welcome to the World Baby Kade...we can't wait to get to know you!

And of course this little man is "Mmmmm...Yum!!!!". Look at the grip he has on these toys. Learned quick that if he doesn't hold on tight a short little blond, about 2 years of age, will snatch them away!

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Mary said...

MMMMm that does sound good. My sister adds cream cheese to her mashed potatoes and you'd never guess that's what it is in them that makes them so good!

Misty Rice said...

Getting so good with your photography mama.....