Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salty Brownie Love

My mouth is watering right now.  I just read about my favorite thing in the world...cupcakes.    I seriously can't imagine anything so bad that a cupcake couldn't fix it.  I love everything about them from the cute wrapper to the extravagant topper and all of the magnificent flavors that can be played with. 

I have a sweet friend who I absolutely believe God played part in intersecting our lives.  As of last August, I had never heard the name Danielle Noonan.  Halfway through September Ryder received a Birthday invite for a little boy in his class.  I RSVP'd via email and Danielle responded. That same week my Bible Study started back up for the year and Danielle's name was on the roster.  The strange part is that we don't attend Bible Study at the boy's preschool.  I figured at this point we were destine to be friends.

She and her husband are amazing people and are currently carrying out God's work through adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia.  Danielle's Blog, Salty Brownies, is a must read!  It gives updates on their family, the adoption process and all of Danielle's yummy treats.  Danielle is a baker at heart and currently uses her gift to help raise funds for their adoption.  Her lemon cupcakes are what sent me into this mouth watering frenzy.  By clicking on her Ethiopia or Bust button you can order some of these yummy cupcakes! Y'all go take a look and make your mouth's water like mine!