Monday, January 17, 2011


Things have gotten way too easy around here...let's spice things up a bit.  Mom....I've decided no naps for me.  I mean seriously....I'm 16 months old now.  Really, I am way too old for naps.  I know my older brother still takes naps...and I'm cool with that.  I'll just hang out in your room and lounge around your bed while he naps.  That absolutely will not bother me a bit.  Oh...and don't you try sticking me in my bed if I yawn or accidentally rub my eyes...I'll cry until I puke...promise! ...Rustin


Mary said...

Oh I hate to admit how hard I laughed...and I do have sympathy. My Joy still holds our church record for number of weeks she got kicked out of the nursery for vomiting when she got upset. That trick is super fun. Joy is trying the no nap stuff too????? What in the world????