Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Weekend

From our new house, we're only 2-hours and 10 minutes from Austin.  Some of our best friend's live in Austin and we love getting to spend time with them.  Our boys ride down Interstate 35 with no fuss.  It is road-trip Bliss!

Matt and his BFF, aka Chris, turn into 18-year old boys again when they are together.  It's fun to watch.  I'm thankful that they accept us and the circus that comes with the Smith's.

We really do have good boys...sometimes they just try and make people think otherwise ;-). 

Stairs are very exciting to Rustin. Once he became mobile, we were living in a house without stairs.  This makes this new-found unknown all the more alluring.  Try to keep him away from the stairs, and it simply makes him want them more.  Reminds me of a teenage girl and the boy her parents don't like.  Thankful we don't have them in this house (girls or stairs).  Only kidding...oh!  Speaking of that,  Ryder asked for a sister today.  Ahem...not in my plan book...sorry Bear!  Back to Rustin...He also loves eating and drinking...and pushing back against the kitchen table while eating and drinking.  According to the laws of physics, this causes the chair to be thrown backwards, into the wall and finally down to the floor.  A minor abrasion to his head and a ding to the chair later, we were just thankful that was the extent of the damage. 

Ryder loves riding in other people's cars, using other people's phones (always a chance they might have a new app  or car wash video that our phones don't have), sprinkler parks and playing with things your find in an 8-year old girl's room.  When told that any of the above can't be done...the feet begin to stomp, tears begin to roll and wining ensues. Oh..and wanting to take his picture also causes the same reaction. I tell myself he's not the only 3-year old that does this, but I'd be a liar if I said that I don't sometimes feel totally clueless in this parenting gig.  I've read books, taken tips from friends and family and yet I sometimes still feel like I don't know what to do.  Patience is a virtue and that's my newest stance.

Through it all we had an amazing weekend.  We were surrounded with lots of friends and fellowship. We played outside, ate lots of good food, and laughed really hard.  Most importantly, we celebrated our sweet friend's 10-year wedding anniversary.  Chris and Nima- You are an amazing couple and I adore the kindness you hold for others and the love that is witnessed between you and your beautiful daughter.  We are blessed to have you in our lives.  Congratulations!!  We can't wait to celebrate the next 10 with you! 

 Blowing Bubbles!!!
 Celebrating the 4th of July!
 Our 4th of July Picture at the Park- Take One
 Take Two after the Promise of Candy...Ryder oh Ryder...we should've promised him a trip to the Car Wash.

Swinging makes this boy crazy, happy!
 Two super sweet and beautiful girls!  This is Nima and her daughter!
And for the finale...Margarita Making is Serious Business! 


Mary said...

Joy I love all of yr latest posts! Been running around like crazy and been lazy commenting...but know that I'm reading and enjoying :)