Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pillowcase Nap-mat

Y'all know I don't like Wal-Mart, but last year we moved to the Country and besides a local grocery store (which is very nice, but doesn't sell things like item on my list today) that's all there is.  Needless to say, Ryder and I headed out to the Mega-Chain this weekend and it lived up to my expectations. Barefoot shoppers, babies dressed in only diapers, and four shopping lanes open on a busy Sunday afternoon.  Oh and let me just say that this Wal-Mart is probably the nicest Wal-Mart I've ever been could have been much worse had I been in my hometown.  Amidst it all, I found these cute pillow cases which I bought for a little project.

A new nap-mat is in order.  I found this cute idea for a Bed-in-A-Bag, but it was expensive ($145.00) AND out of stock.  My mission:  to recreate for less.  I had full intentions of using the pillows as it explained they had on the product website, but when I grabbed the pillows off the shelf I realized how hard it would be to fold the mat up compactly.  Instead, I decided to pick up a twin bed sized foam mattress pad.

I cut it into three sections, making each section the size of a standard pillow.  The website shows five pillows sewn together, but three is plenty big enough for a toddler's nap-mat.

I did real simple measuring for my cuts.  Simply lay the pillowcase on top of the foam and cut around the pillowcase.  Depending on how accurately you cut the foam, you may have to trim it slightly so that it slides into the pillowcase nice and snug. the ends of each pillowcase shut.  This is rocket science ;)

Now that all three pillowcases are sewn shut, simply sew them all together.  Sew "Right Sides" together.  Always sew "Right Sides" together...well...almost always. It will be easier if you pin it in a few spots before you feed it through the sewing machine.

(This is Right Sides facing down and the front of the other pillow facing up) 

Once you've sewn all three sections together, you are done!  It should look something like this.

It folds nicely and you can hold it shut with some simple velcro. Total Cost was $21.00 and that makes me very happy!  I linked up to Tater Tots and Jello Weekend Wrap-up Party!  Go over and look at all of the great ideas! 

Tater Tots and Jello Weekend Wrap Up Party!!


Lisa banks said...

Cute. I'll be making my boys some new ones soon too!

Amber Connors said...

Very cute Joy! You're so inventive - I love it! (I'm sorry, by the way, about'd think they'd be pretty nice since they originated in Texas. The ones by our house have come a long way in a few years. They're still not my favorite place, but it's not as painful as it used to be. I've noticed the time of day makes a difference - hillbillies usually don't get up early. ;)

Mary said...

So cute! My mom made the one Ty and then Charlie used! Yours is awesome! Ty wpd love the guitars :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, but not washable. If you leave the ends open
you can remove the foam and wash the pillowcases.