Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Picture of Christmas

We went to Grapevine on Tuesday to see the Gaylord Ice.  I detoured through downtown Grapevine to show the boys the Polar Express Train and Oh. My. Word.  If you've never been to Grapevine at Christmas, and you live in North Texas, it is well worth your visit.  It is gorgeous and beautiful and wonderful and the picture of Christmas.  Go!  If you don't go anywhere else this Christmas...go to Grapevine!


Abbey said...

We go every year to Great Wolf with Shane's family and I love going to the Grapevine square!! It is awesome!! Love the pics and those adorable shirts the boys have on!!!

Mary said...

Dang I guess we need to go...used to live about ten minutes away and we never went. Now I want to!