Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentine Treats for Kids

By now...y'all know that I am a last minute kind of girl.  Here are a few last minute Valentine's treats that you can put together before tomorrow! 

1.  Make some Cereal Box Valentines Day treats.  I bought a package of the small variety cereals at Wal-Mart.  Grab a paper sack out of the pantry (or ask for paper instead of plastic when you buy the cereal) and cut out rectangles that measure 10" x 4.75". 

Print out a few sayings on white printer paper that go along with each cereal box.  I cut these out to be 10" x 2.75".
Grab a Glue stick and put glue all over the cereal box and then apply your labels.  Put the brown paper label on first.  Next center your white label over the brown paper wrapper.  Embellish it with some string or ribbon and you're done!

2.  Dip some Jumbo Marshmallows in Chocolate & Sprinkles.

I always melt my Chocolate in the Microwave.  I'm not even sure what a double-boiler looks like and the Microwave never does me wrong.  Heat the chocolate at 50% power and stir every 30 seconds until melted and smooth.  Put a stick through your marshmallow and dip in chocolate.  Next...douse it with sprinkles!  I put a bowl underneath to catch the excess sprinkles and any dripping chocolate.   I'm messy in the kitchen...really messy.

 The boys had the scraps as a snack.We live in a health conscious house...remember? Oh and yes....those are Scooby PJ' he didn't take them off that day.  The scraps weren't for breakfast...promise.   Please don't judge me.   


3.  Grab a Water Bottle and Tie a Kool-aid Single to it. I removed the labels from the bottles.  Next, cut out strips of pink wrapping paper and  use a glue stick to attach it to the bottle where the label was previously.  Punch a hole through the top of the Kool-aid single and thread some ribbon or tulle through it.  Embellish it with a heart cut out or a little more tulle and you are done!

 4.  These Robot Snacks are Simple and the Boys LOVED them! 

I used Glue Dots to attach everything.  The feet are mini-raisin boxes.   The head is an upside down applesauce container with googly eyes.  I used some left over hershey kisses as the helmet and wrapped some pretzel rods in foil for the arms.  Any juice box will make the body!

5.  When all else fails...head to Wal-Mart.  It's no secret that it is my least favorite place on Earth...but they have these.

For LESS than $6.00!  Cha-Ching!  Happy Valentine's Day!


Mary said...

Awesome awesome awesome! Thanks for great ideas Joy :)

Amber Connors said...

I love that the jammies are Christmas jammies. I won't judge. Reid wore his Christmas jammies from October - late January. Ya gotta go with what works. :)

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