Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Most days there is a movie playing in my car.  When we purchased a vehicle that had a DVD player in it, I told Matt that we wouldn't use it.  I was wrong.  We use it a lot...way more than I'd like.  My sister told me that she was talking with one of the teachers at my niece's preschool one afternoon.  She mentioned how sad and shocked she was by the number of parents who pick their kids up from school and never talk to them. The cell phone is on their ear and the movie is playing in the back.  I blinked.  I'm not going to lie...she painted a picture of me.

This morning I made a point to tell the boys we were listening to music and not a movie.  I had thought about it being Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent...I had contemplated what I would give up and what I would take on.  I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I hadn't thought about giving something up that didn't mean much to me.  At that moment, the Christian radio show we were listening to, started discussing giving things up for Lent.  They spoke of the importance and symbolism of why we "give something up".  Jesus GAVE HIS LIFE up for us.  If He could give His Life, we can surely sacrifice a thing or two for the 46 days leading to Easter.

So after much thought and prayer, I have a plan. For the "Give Ups":   I'm staying away from Facebook.  When I opened up my browser to type this post, my fingers immediately typed "FA" in the address bar.  I never thought so, but I am quite possibly addicted. Not just to FB, but to my phone.  I check it all of the time. Starting today, I'm not using my phone in the car.  Outside of the preschool calling me about one of the boys, there is no other call/email/text, that can't wait to be returned until I reach my destination. more fast food.  We drive through a lot.   Its easy.   It may sound silly, but it'll be a sacrifice for me.

For the "Take On":  I want to spend more time with God....more one on one time through prayer.  I want to take five minutes out of my day to read the Passion in my Bible.  I want to be a better wife, mom, daughter and friend.  I want to talk with the boys about their day and His presence in their day.  At dinner tonight I went through a series of questions with them..what was their favorite part of the day, the favorite food they ate, the best thing someone said to them, and what they were most thankful for.  Simultaneously they both responded with "God".  I got a chill...the Holy Spirit is awesome. 

I hope you all embrace the Lenten season...sacrifice and take on friends.