Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break

 This Spring Break we hung out at the Baseball fields. 

We lunched with friends.

 We spent a lot of time with our Anna...and pampered ourselves a little. 

 Anna got a new sister and I got a new niece.  This isn't her.  I got the honors of cuddling a Bitty-Baby Doll.
 This is the real thing.  Miss Audrey Claire with Ryder.

 We all loved her.

 We were in the car a lot!

We were in Dallas nearly every day.

 We had to work even though it was break.

 We went to the park and found this cool old tree that has been carved into different animals.

We drank lots of slurpees.  

We were together.   We were with family.   We were feeling blessed to have this time.

Oh...and if you didn't notice before...this flat little guy was with us the whole time.  Our Flat Stanley Adventures were a success...we never lost him...that is a win for sure!


Janelle said...

Tori loves Flat Stanley, too. Clever idea.

Our spring break starts today...and it's supposed to snow tomorrow. I want to come to TX and see some real spring with green grass and flowers!

Your boys are getting so big. And looking more and more like their daddy. So cute.