Sunday, May 4, 2008

Computer Fights

O.K., so I have been fighting with my computer all week and was not able to make any post. We had a pretty low key week once we got back into town. Matt left for Mexico as usual and Ryder and I stayed around the house. We went down to my Mom and Dad's on Thursday to help them out with a few things and go to Canton on Friday. Canton never happened since it rained pretty good Friday morning and being frank Ryder just wasn't feeling it! Sorry Mom!! He now has his two bottom teeth and I think he is trying to work on the top two. Poor guy is so crabby in the morning because he is getting up around 2 a.m. I have been going up and adjusting him in the middle of the night and then fighting to go back to sleep myself. Thursday night I worked like 10 sudoku puzzles before I fell back to sleep. So, between the two of us we are loads of fun the next day! Last night he either did not wake or I was so tired I never heard him. Sleeping like a baby right now...anyway that was our week in a nutshell. I am posting a few more pictures from the camping trip! Hope you enjoy!


Julie Gropp said...

Great camping pics. I love how green it is there already. I miss that. We can't even start planting flowers yet because it still freezes at night.