Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go Swim!

Ryder was such a good sport today. He hung with me all day long and never complained. I decided to reward him by letting him go swimming for the first time! I had to heat the pool because I am a huge chicken and hate cold water. The water temperature was around 76 F and my body prefers a nice, warm 90 it took until around 6:00 PM before we could swim, but gosh darn we finally did! Ryder loved it..he splashed and splashed and splashed some more! His Wet Hair strangely resembles that of a balding senior citizen..crazy baby...I love him so much!!!

Splashing Mom was so Much Fun!!!

Our Captive Audience -------->

Drying off is the Best!!!!


Megan Sommer said...

great pics... cant wait... we will be testing our pool temp this next weekend... 24th... travis attaway and his wife carrie are coming in and brad anthony and his fiance angela...kyle carpenter and his wife shanda... they will all be here... cant wait... dont hesitate to come on out if yall want to catch up with everyone and bring your little ones too... think i will invite allison and miranda too... love, megan

Janelle said...

I just read your comment on my blog, my hair is only curly in the back, too! I have to curl the front to make it look normal. HA!

I love taking Tori swimming - she loves to kick & splash & blow bubbles in the water. Ryder is at such a cute age, too. He's adorable!

Connors said...

How fun! We haven't done the pool yet. He was too little last summer and it's nowhere near warm enough here this year. Maybe in July it'll be warm enough for Evan to have as much fun as sweet Ryder. :-)

The Sabins said...

Looks he loves the water! Too cute cute cute.

What program are you using for computer scrapping? I love what you have done with some of these!!