Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four Wheeling is Fun!

Last weekend, Ryder's cousins toted him around in a wagon on the back of their little 4-Wheeler at Matt's parents house. They all had so much fun taking turns "Driving Ryder"! Ryder had fun, too! Thank goodness Grandma was there to help when steering problems arose...I am so thankful to live in a state where we get some warmth in the winter months!
Making Sure he is Ready to Go!

"Mom, this is so much Fun!"


Connors said...

Wow, you're brave! Did that thing have a seatbelt??? ;-)

We're rockin' 7 degrees above 0 right now - to see Ryder outside in long sleeves is kinda funny!

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

I see you did like that little widget I sent you. Its pretty cool isn't it? Makes me want to be pregnant just so I can have one. LOL

Anonymous said...

This looks like Trevor's kind of fun! Ryder is so precious...he's such a little man!

Mary said...

Such a cute little boy! I found your blog through Heather's...congratulations on the new baby! Leap frog stuff has taught my little boy everything he knows--seroiusly he sleeps with baby Tad, talks to Leap and Lillie fridge toys, and watches the videos! My first video was a gift for his 2nd birthday and he is hooked. He does know the alphabet though, so I'm grateful for a toy that actually helps him learn something!