Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look Mom....I can turn the water on!

I am not sure why, but my son is fascinated with Water and pretty much anything that contains water. Especially Toilets and more recently bathtubs. Everyone assured me that his toilet fetish would be a quick phase...mmm...not so much. He LOVES to put stuff like hairbrushes, lotion, toothpaste, etc...into the toilet and then takes it a step further to see if he can make it disappear when he presses that fancy little lever down. So far, we haven't had any major plumbing fiascos. Thank Goodness!

This week his fascination has turned to our big bathtub. He took a bath in it on Tuesday, because I was feeling really bad and to be quite frank was too worn down to walk upstairs to his bathroom. While taking a bath he realized he could turn the knobs and water would come out. Thankfully, he can only get the cold water to turn on because the hot water is really hot in that tub. Ever since figuring this magnificent little trick out, I can walk in my bathroom to the sound of running water and a bathtub full of goodies. And, let me just say that he is sooo proud of his new skill!

My dear, sweet husband is probably (slash the probably "IS") reading this right now and saying to himself, "She gives him way too much freedom". He has said to me on multiple occasions that it is as simple as keeping the door to our room closed. It is, he is absolutely right, but that stinker has figured out how to get our door open. Not sure how..because it is a knob, not a lever. But, I promise you, I closed the door the minute we got home today and while I came in to check email I heard the rascal in there. Let's just say, I can not wait for pool season! He can dump as many toys as he wants on those steps and I promise you he will not get bored for hours!


Connors said...

We have had to lock every door in our house to keep away from the water fetish. We've only dropped a matchcar into the toilet, but I feel for ya. Hang in there!

Janelle said...

We have those door knob covers on every door in our house. My mom even bought some b/c Tori is just nosy. She'll walk in on you while you're doing your thing in the bathroom.
Apparently the people we bought our house from had the same toilet issue with their boy and they bought toilet lid locks. Kind of a pain when ya really gotta go, but it keeps the kiddos out.
I love when they can just entertain themselves for hours. It is especially nice when Mamma isn't feeling too great.
Love ya! Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think the water fetish is around the corner for Trevor. You are right though, summer time will be awesome! Right now, Trevor's into climbing and I'm having to "toddler proof" which definitely makes "baby proofing" look like a cake walk!

Thanks for the compliment on the pic... I posted that one for you! I know how hard it is to not worry about jealousy, etc with Ryder...but DON'T WORRY! There are as many (probably more) good moments than bad.