Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ha Ha!!

"Ha Ha!" That seems to be our new favorite phrase...especially when Mommy questions something that he has done. Here was our dialogue earlier this afternoon:

Me: Ryder, why is your shirt all wet?
R: Ha Ha! (followed by a huge smile)
Me: Ryder, show Mommy what you were doing.
R: Leads me to his turtle that lights up and sings which is now soaking wet and says, "Ha Ha!" (again followed by a huge smile)
Me: Ryder, it is not nice to get turtle wet. It hurts him.
R: Ha Ha!

I tried so hard to stay sounding firm, when all I really wanted to do was laugh...or should I say, "Ha Ha!". Again, it was my fault for giving him access to a faucet...but it makes me wonder...Do you suppose his little mind really thinks that if he can convince me to think something is funny, I won't be upset with him? I never cease to be amazed by how quickly their little minds seem to work!

In case you were wondering what "Trouble" looks like, he is top left striking a pose!


Mary said...

The only appropriate response is "Ha Ha." On a similar, "Maybe if I look cute while disobeying it'll work for me" note, Ty has started whacking Charlie then giving her a hug. Like, well Mom at least I hugged her too.