Friday, February 27, 2009

Mom...You better Look Behind You!

We decided to make a trip to the Dallas Aquarium yesterday! I have always heard amazing things about the place and Matt had friends visiting from McAllen, TX, so we thought it would be a fun place to take them. Ryder LOVED it! He got really excited, laughed at all of the animals and sea creatures and bounced up an down in his stroller! Its great for adults, too! Lots of very interesting things to see! I was a little nervous when we got there because there was a sign posted saying they were expecting 600 students for the day. Luckily, we got there just after lunch so most of the field trips were winding down and we were able to easily maneuver through the exhibits. Matt was attempting to take our picture in the top photo, but Ryder seems to be a little more interested in what was going on behind us and not the camera!


Mary said...

That might be the nudge I needed--I've wanted to go the aquarium but wondered if Ty would like it or not--I think you answered that question! The picture of the tiger behind you scared me to death!

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

I lovelovelovelove the DWA. Love it! I'll have to tell you my CRAZY story sometime. I got stuck inside there, after hours, during a tornado.