Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did You Know???

Did You Know that Rustin is officially 8 Months old? I absolutely can't believe it!

For virtual baby book purposes, here is what Mr. Rustin is up to these days: He is sitting up on his own now and LOVES food! Still no teeth, but he seems to manage fine without. He went to the Doctor yesterday for an ear check and weighed 16.9 lbs! (1 ear was still infected so now we are on Antibiotic #3..rrr...) He also saw the eye doctor this month for a blocked tear duct. We found out that the tear duct is actually in really good shape, but that he is nearsighted. According to the Eye Doc he'll most likely be in glasses before Kindergarten. Poor thing! He is still not crawling, but he is trying really hard.



Mary said...

How can he be 8 months old?????? Seriously i've never seen two brothers look SO MUCH ALIKE.

Ever. In my life. They are both so beautiful. And manly and you know, handsome.

I'm wondering if my kids need dr. hasn't mentioned eye checks so is that bad?? Ha

eleventhirtysix images said...

so sweet!!!

And I'm partial to babies in glasses... ;o)