Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Officially Overwhelmed

Up until now I have been laid back and played things pretty cool. Then today slapped me in the face. We went to the house we are buying this morning so it could be measured for carpet and I officially became overwhelmed.

It was pretty gross when we looked at it the first time, but it was filled with furniture and other stuff that sort of covered some of the grodiness (pretty sure that isn't a word, but deal with me) up. Today, most of their stuff was gone, still a lot of trash but no furniture or things like that. Y'all. It. Is. Gross.

I should probably mention that I am OCD when it comes to cleanliness. I don't walk around hotels barefoot. I am really nervous about hotel towels/linens. I have severe issues. I know. That's why our first house and this house were built. I didn't want other peoples yuck lingering in my house. Please give me some pre-existing home advice. Can you get them 100% clean to your satisfaction? Janelle??? I know you and I are on the same page...we lived together!

That being said, this house has so, so much potential which is why we are buying it....but it is going to take a LOT of time and love. Please say a prayer that I remain sane through this process and that all my boys still love me when we are finished. Especially Matt. He is working so hard to get things lined up and fixed around that place. I am so appreciative even though I think sometimes he doesn't think I am. I'll take my camera next time so you can see some before and after shots. We close a week from this Friday on both houses. Then we have through Sunday to be out of this house all together. Lord help us!



Supamom said...

Hey Joy! I know what you mean about other people's "yuck"...I think you are making a good step in the right direction by replacing the carpet...we replaced a carpet in our first house, and it was disgusting to see what was under the pad! Also, splurge and get a top notch cleaning service to clean... everything ... window sills, fans, will feel so much better! You may have already thought of that, but just wanted to share! Angie

Carley said...

Oh wow! That is a lot! I am the same way about cleanliness and other people yuck. I'm sure it will eventually get to your satisfaction. If I lived closer I'd come and help you's my "thing". I like to do it...ask Mary. ha! :) I'll pray that everything goes smoothly and you can feel comfortable living in "other peoples yuck". :)

Connors said...

Change the toilet seats and hire a professional cleaning service (don't forget the air ducts). You'll be amazed at how much better it will look. :)

Mary said...

Okay I was totally going to say, "You should talk to Carley! She has cleaned out my closet and organized so many times for me! Ha!
I can't believe you're closing so soon-it seems so quick! If I could help I totally would but I'm guessing three little kids in your business might not help???

Just a guess :)

Once Upon a Villines said...

Well you know I will come and help, or if you need, just bring the boys to me and take a day to work on it. But, I definitely agree on at least changing the toilet seats and cleaning the air ducts. Don't forget to change your air filter too once you move in. What else (from the fellow germ-o-phobe sister)... Oh-- Matt will love this-- clean all the doorknobs and toilet handles-- and yes, hire someone to steam-clean all the bathrooms and the kitchen! :)