Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Long Goodnight Trail

Gosh Y'all...I'm sad. This is the last post I'll make from this house. The house I have called home for the last six years. Seriously. I have tears in my eyes as I type these words.

This is the house that I bravely decided to start my own business from.

This is the house where our obnoxious (but what would we do without) weimie fell ill and we thought we would surely lose her. She was resilient and decided to stay with us and give our back yard some havoc.

This is the house we put a pool in and spent countless Saturdays before kids listening to Margarita-ville and floating in the sun.

This is the house that I made some of the best friends of my life in.  Even though I know I will still see them all, its hard to know that they are not just down the street anymore.

This is the house where we wept when Matt lost his Grandpa Smith and I lost my Grandmother.

This is the house we brought Ryder home from the hospital to. This is the house Ryder learned to crawl, walk and talk in.

This is the house we grew stronger in when we thought something was very wrong with Rustin, while I was pregnant with him. This is the house we brought our perfectly o.k. Rustin home from the hospital to.

Its hard to explain, but this house has been my safe haven.  I feel relieved when I walk through that garage door.  I'm home and anything bad that was going on outside of these walls goes away.

This is the house that protected us as we became the family of four we are today.

We love this house. To Ryder, it will always be Mommy's house. Rustin will never know the love this house brought us.

Here is to our Goodnight Trail house, all of our sweet neighbors, and all of its memories....and to all of the beautiful memories surely to come at our new "to us" Midlothian house.  I'll update on everything else after the move.



Carley said...

What a sweet but sad post! I am sure you are full of all kinds of emotions. I'll be praying for you as you make this move. I know you are trying your best to enjoy the process. I'm excited to see how the new how "cleans" up. :)

Mary said...

That IS sad! I've never bonded with a house that much--the only time we've moved as a family was when I was about to have Charlie and I wanted to get as far away as I could from the old house! Ha.

I'm excited for you-and you'll be closer to Waxahachie so when I visit there I can see y'all...