Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18, 1999

Bonfire Season.  It was the most wonderful time of the year.   Its been eleven years but in many ways it feels like last night.  I can still hear the eery sound of sirens going up and down the road as I slept.  I never fully awoke to find out their was in my dream.  Morning would bring answers.  I felt disbelief...until I saw it with my own eyes.  I felt shock, I felt sadness, my stomach was unsettled.  A tradition forever scarred by an accident who cost the lives of 12.  Twelve.  A number so significant to our school...God shows himself.    We cried for those we lost and gave thanks for the lives of those saved.  Please remember our fallen Aggies and their families today...November 18, 1999...a day that will always be remembered.


Mary said...

I remember hearing helicopters flying around and that was what first woke us all up. I lived on Walton, the street right across from campus. No one knew what was happening on our street for like 30 minutes-we were scared, but had no idea the magnitude of what was happening. I agree, it feels like it was yesterday.

Janelle said...

I remember that day, and I was in New Zealand. It made the news clear down under and people were like, "there was an accident at some school in Texas with a bonfire..." I couldn't believe it. My mom mailed me all the newspaper articles about it, which I still have. Time flies, for sure.