Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating

I learned a few things last night.  Trick or Treating Country Style is a lot different than in town. 
For starters, most people (in fact everyone except for us) didn't walk door to door.  Instead, they rode on flatbed trailers hooked to tractors and lined with hay bales.  Yep our wagon was pretty lame. 

You can go through A LOT of candy.  When trick-or-treaters come by the flatbed trailer-full, you end up giving it away pretty fast.

It is really dark when the sun goes down.  Next year we'll be armed with flashlights and glow-sticks.

No matter how many weeks you spend trying to make your 3-year old understand the Trick or Treat process and the good manners that should be used while going house to house bad things can still happen.  Like:  Incessant Doorbell Ringing, inviting yourself into a strangers house, barging the door to see a cute dog, grabbing a big handful of candy out of a neighbors bowl, and to top it all off  politely telling an older gentleman that you need a sucker rather than the chocolate you were given.  All courtesy of our Ryder.  I love that boy, but Seriously. 
Ryder with his Cousin Anna who hit the Country with us.

Running to the Door with our Neighbor's little boy.

Proof of his Doorbell Ringing...I was taking this picture and then realized what he was doing.

We were home bathed and in bed by 8:30 last night...Matt was still making the teenage boys squeal like girls until a little after 9:00.  He waits for this night all year!

Hope y'all all had a fun and safe Halloween!


Mary said...

Sounds like a success! Remember that we lost Ty last year on Halloween so no matter how bad the behavior is at least the kids were safe! Lol