Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Week

Went to a Wedding.  Matt's Best Friend was in town.  They took both of our Dad's to the Cowboy Game.  Put up the Christmas Tree.  Hit four stores with two toddlers in one hour looking for stockings.  Did some more decorating.  Baked cookies.  Tried to catch up on email and blogs.  Cleaned the Bathrooms.  Folded some laundry.  Realized Rustin is talking.  Really talking.  He says fun things like "What's That?" and "Tunk You (Thank You)".  He tells us all of our name's, including is own and Elmo's.  Thought to myself that I want to remember some of the cute Ryderisms right now like:  Micker (Mixer), Wakkle (Waffle), Chawlie (Charlie), and Funny Powder (Strawberry Nestle Quick). 
Its only Tuesday...here is to a crazy week!  I ♥ Thanksgiving though....everything about it...family, food, the parade, black Friday ads...bring it on!


Mary said...

Rustin is talking? Man it's been a long time since I saw you! Love how Ryder says Charlie :)

Heather said...

Wow girl! You've been busy! And I totally feel your pain on the stockings... would you believe we have none? Every year, I shop for them, then become too picky, don't buy them, and then they are sold out when I finally make up my mind. It's an illness!