Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

It's Friday and I realize I haven't made a single post this week.  A couple of my sweet friends have been doing Flashback Friday post and since I haven't had the camera out, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I went through the archives of my Blog to pull out pictures.  I actually teared up looking at some of the pictures and posts.  Helps me to remember why I have this is absolutely a documentary of my children's lives.  So thankful to have it and I need to not let life get the best of me and post more!  Anyway here are my Flashback Friday pictures...hope you enjoy!!
Ryder and Matt- 2008
Remember when this little man turned 1?  I saved the shirt and used it again....

....2 years later when this little man turned 1!

 Ryder and I- Spring 2009

Rustin and I- Fall 2009

Ryder and Rustin- Fall 2009

Ryder- Fall 2009

Baby Rustin

Alright...we're Austin-bound this afternoon.  I'm charging the camera battery so I should have something new to post next week!  Oh!  I am almost finished with Ryder's room!  Hopefully I can pick up the final finishing pieces this weekend and I'll debut it (hahha!) next week!  Hugs-


Mary said...

Hope it's a smooth drive to Austin! Love your pictures! It's fun to see how the boys have changed and also stayed the same :)

Mary said...

...AND I asked you if y'all were going somewhere, etc after I'd already left a comment on this post where you say you're going to Austin. Sigh.