Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Trip

We made a little Road Trip to Austin over the weekend.  One of the best towns in the State of Texas.  We spent our weekend with this sweet family.
They always graciously open their door to us, and never seem to be bothered by the circus that comes with having us around.  We love you Valles Family!
These two go all the way back to high school and are still best friends.  Something a little special about that.
We played King of the Playground at the Park.
We practiced swinging really, really high!
These shoes were made for walking and that's just what he'll do!  Holy Cow I was one happy Mama!!!
We hung out at really cool restaurants.
Sipped on Lemonade.
Made Silly Faces.
 Showed our mad Angry Birds skills off to the older ladies ;)
We road the train!
They gave it two thumbs up!
We balanced Water Balloons on our head.
We dodged Water Balloons.
And sometimes didn't dodge Water Balloons.
We Hula-Hooped in the backyard.

We had a fun, packed full weekend away.  The fun had its toll on us Sunday with two tired boys on our hands, but we've recovered.