Monday, March 14, 2011

To Be Continued....

It started with a broken bookshelf in Ryder's room on Friday afternoon.  Three and a half years of holding lots of books took its final toll.  I threw it away, stacked all of the books in the middle of the room, and then decided to start a room make-over.

My first idea was to paint the wall where the bookshelf had been...I had no clue when I suckered Matt into helping me it would be such a timely process.  Our goal is to paint a border on the wall, so that we can hang a group of pictures within, for a gallery effect.  Its complicated though.  There are three different colors of paint all going in different places.  Honestly, I may need Special Agent Oso's Palm Pilot to give me the 3-simple steps, lol.  Plus, I didn't count on it taking 3 days to tape it all husband is the best ever!!  This is going to be a week long project....I'll keep you posted on the progress!

PS...Rustin had his first Physical Therapy session today and I got some great ideas to work with him on.  Our long-term goal is for him to walk 20-ft. without assistance or falling....right now he gets about 3 steps in.  Usually we hold his hand when he walks and today we started holding onto a wooden spoon (one end in his hand and one end in our hand)....gradually we'll (Matt or I or whoever is walking with him) let go of the spoon on our end in hopes that he'll keep holding on and continue walking rather than dropping down (as he does now when we let go of his hand)...a mental game of sorts.  He is making huge progress, but occasionally still has some tendencies which our Pediatrician wants a Neurologist to see him for.  That appointment will not be until the first part of May and we are praying that he is walking full-time when the appointment rolls around. 

 The little stinker was hanging out in Ryder's room with Matt (remember he's doing the 3-day tape job for my paint project, ha!) after his bath this evening, and I caught him standing at the sink...he was so incredibly proud that he had climbed up there all by himself!


Mary said...

Big big boy! My goodness he's cute! Glad to hear that you have new ideas to try with him. God has certainly picked Rustin for something great, remember that. I think the kids we worry most about and pray the hardest for have unique roles to fill in this life. I tell Joy all the time she'd better do great things for the Kingdom since she's caused such anxiety up until now :)

Totally different note...I had a dream about going to your house for a birthday party that turned into an engagement party for Ryder. No lie. And he was the age he is now. Lol

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finished product in Ryder's room! And yes, Rustin is the cutest thing EVER! You can absolutely see the pride all over his face! I'll be praying he makes major strides (literally) through the extra help and that you guys can have peace of mind through the whole process. We STILL need to get together sweet girl!