Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Party

I ♥ Easter!  The week of festivities is in full swing. Ryder had his Class Party and Easter Egg Hunt at School today.

Because of all the Kitchen remodeling I couldn't bake anything fun for his class we hit the doughnut shop!  What says Easter better than a Chocolate doughnut?  Ha!  Oh and because of the Kitchen remodel that has lingered out into the garage, I couldn't get in the attic to grab his we hit Wal-Mart and scored this awesome baseball basket for $5!

I was going to pull some pics from my post about last year's Easter Party and show how Ryder has grown...but guess what!?  No pics from last year...I read my post and it sounds like it was a TERRIBLE day!  I hardly remember it now, but geez...I felt a little sorry for myself!  So here is to a much better day a year later, lol!! 
I had to post this picture of his class because he is the only one not looking.  So him.

This stinker helped us hide the eggs for his Brother's class.  I asked him to pose and of course he did.  I told you he's a stinker!

That's all!


Abbey said...

Ok... love your post! My stinker has had a day himself... may have to post about it later to release the tension!!!
I have to ask... since I am a blogging newbie and dummy, How do you get all the cute stuff on your page? The font, the picture shape, etc... Can you come over and teach me - I will feed and cloth you in a cool pin or something ;)) Ha!
And also... did you or could you see my comment back to you girls who commented on my first post?? If not let me know....