Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Dinosaurs..Oh My!

Lions, Tigers and Dinosaurs are out at the Fort Worth Zoo...Oh My! 
Because I always have to post a picture of the back of Ryder's Head.  The Sea Turtles.
Mr. Ryder...He LOVED the Sea Turtles
One tired little boy on the Train!  He sat all by himself with the big kids.  A gentle reminder that he is growing up way too fast.

This is James.  His Mom is Danielle from Salty Brownies.  He is Ryder's Pre-school Bestie!

Somehow we planned this on a day that every other school in the area was there.  Tip:  Go to the Zoo after lunch...all of the field-trip groups leave when lunch is finished.  We got there when it opened and left when everyone else did so it was kind of crazy.  I had two of my best friends there with me so we survived the day with 6 kids.  No one was lost or ever melted down...well except for Ryder when I wouldn't let him hang out in the photo booth...but that's understandable...a pretty unreasonable request of me :-)  . All in all it was a success!  Now Heather, Mary and Carley we need to get our play-date on....miss you girls!


Mary said...

Yes!! Woohoo for a play date soon!

Carley said...

I am all for a play date soon! We could meet at the Dallas Zoo....or whatever. I'm going to the Dallas Zoo with a friend on Monday and I am excited for Cody to experience it now that he's older. Looks fun and I'm excited to make play date memories with you.