Monday, April 4, 2011

Wall Reveal

We finished Ryder's Wall and I am posting pictures as promised.  I snapped pictures of his entire room while I had the camera here is a little peek of his entire room! 
We're on the hunt for new bedding.  This quilt is 2-years old...hard to believe he's been in a big bed for 2 years...some of the threading is starting to come out.
The new bookshelf.  The old bookshelf was what started this mini-revamp project.

I love this little hand-print.  He made it when he was 7-months old at his Cousin's Birthday Party. 
This is our Blue.  He loves her.  She is old and lets him lay on her, pull her ears, pat her back.  Now she is always in his room.
Some of the knobs on his dresser broke when we moved.  I found this Airplane Hardware at Pottery Barn Kids.  Expensive, but oh so cute!
This was Matt's Airplane when he was little.  His Grandpa Smith made it for him, so it is very special that Ryder has this for his room.
I love Old Door Knobs.  They're perfect for hanging things up and out of the way!
Mr. Ryder demonstrating how Buzz Light Year goes to Infinity and Beyond...
...just like this!  


Mary said...

Awesome job!!! I love all of the details!