Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh My...that Pioneer Woman is GOOD!

I just made the MM Sandwich courtesy of the Pioneer Woman and Oh My Good Gravy.... it is quite possibly the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.

I stepped outside of my little cooking box with this recipe.  It calls for A LOT of mushrooms.  We don't eat mushrooms.  But I decided I was being slightly hypocritical if I expect my boys to try new foods and I won't.  Thank goodness I did.  This sandwich was amazing!  I modified the recipe slightly using Mrs. Baird's Grillin' Thins for our Bread and substituting White Wine for the Cooking Sherry.  Y'all have to try this won't be sorry!


Carley said...

We have tried it and it is soooo good! Yay for a yummy dinner. Did your boys eat it? I'll be impressed if they did. She's amazing....just not healthy!

eleventhirtysix images said...

Everything she makes is amazing. And we eat a LOT of mushrooms. Well, by "we" I mean Charlotte and I. Jason tolerates them, but Charlotte calls them marshmallows and has actually been punished for her compulsive stealing of them off of other peoples plates, lol.