Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick & Easy & Oh So Cheesy Mother's Day Idea

So I bought two little flower pots at Wal-Mart for $1.00 with intentions of doing something really cute with them for our Mom's on Mothers Day.  I envisioned my kids hand-prints painted on them and the Words Mother's Day 2011 neatly painted across the pot...of course things never go how I play them out in my head.  I went a totally different direction and used no paint at all.  This is what I came up with:

 (Disclaimer...this is really Cheesy, so beware...this may not be for you!)

You'll Need these things:

Important:  The candies (Reese's Pieces, 100 Grand, Mars, Almond Joy and Goobers) in the picture go with the print out.  If you don't want to use those'll need to change the wording of the print-out.

Cut your green floral block so that it will fit down inside of your pot.  Next...get out your glue gun and be sure not to horse around.  You could end up with a burn on your face if you're not careful..ahem...this is for my friend Dani!  ;)  Apply a strip of glue to your dowel and then attach the candy.  It won't melt the candy...I promise!  Next, stick them in your floral block (mine is covered up by some red paper shreds).

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat until you have a pretty arrangement.

I thought mine was missing something so I took a few cupcake liners and attached them to the dowel to make "flowers" intermingled with the candy.

Finally, print out this printable.   That's the cheesy part!  I cut out around the words in the shape of a tag after I had printed it.  That's just what I do....always a tag shape.

 Stick some Tulle or whatever kind of ribbon you have on hand through the tag and wrap it around your pot.  
That's it!  Perfect to go with a gift card or anything else you might have purchased...or even all by itself!I linked up to Tatertots and Jello Weekend Wrap Up Party!  Go check out all of the other fun ideas!


Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

I think this is adorable! The cupcake liner flowers were a great addition to the flower pot! :) Nice job! :) Michelle

Abbey said...

Ok... so... such a cute idea!! How do you do the whole link up thing??? I can't figure it out?! Ugh.... Message me or something if you can give me some tips!