Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Four Walls

A little over a year ago, my life crossed paths with one of the best girls I know.  Our sons were in the same preschool class and strangely we were attending the same church across town on Sundays.  It's not coincidence when God places people in your life.  It is with purpose.  The timing and the reason are all His.

Miss Dani has been a blessing in our life over the past year. She's made me laugh, made me cry, saved my 2-year old from tumbling down concrete steps (not once but twice), hunted me down after I sent the 4-year old to school with only one shoe, boosted my spirits when I was feeling really bad...and now she's moving.

I'm a little sad today.  I stopped by their house to drop off an overnight bag filled with items that you need before all the boxes get unpacked (nothing fancy, but a roll of toilet paper sometimes comes in handy). 

The house was almost empty.  The Atlas Van was parked out front and although I was tempted to slash the tires in an effort to delay their departure...I didn't.

We stood looking at the empty nursery and I reminded her of what I tell Ryder...a house is just four walls.  It's what you put on the inside that makes it your home.  Danielle-I wish you and your sweet family the absolute best...Houston will treat you well.  Always remember that I-45 runs both ways! I am going to feel lost without you some days ..and Lord knows Ryder will be lost without James. Not seeing you first thing in the morning three days a week is going to feel just plain empty.  Your friendship has and will continue to be fulfilling to me, but God has set a path for you and it is time to continue down that road.  Biggest Hugs ever sweet friend..I can't wait until December~


Abbey said...

totally teared up reading that!!! Well put girl :))) I didn't get to see or spend near enough time with this special lady and I am bummed about it!! Best Wishes Noonan Clan!!!

Carley said...

I know the feeling all too well...saying goodbye to a friend that is daily in our lives is really hard! My heart is sad these days too!! at least my friend is only 1hour away...either way it won't be the same. Hang in there!

Amber Connors said...

I teared up reading this too! I said good-bye to a dear co-worker/friend who moved to Alabama recently. :(

Mary said...

Oh I get the sadness too-and being the one moving is very hard! I'm thinking Carley should bring me a box of toilet paper like you did...lol