Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small things....

Sometimes its the smallest things that remind us we are getting older.  I see my Father-in-law more and more these days.  I see him through my husband.  I don't remember ever thinking Matt and his Dad had similar personalities when we were younger.  Maybe I wasn't perceptive in my 20's like I am now in my 30's...or maybe we really do become more like our parents as we age. 

This morning as I started my usual clean up of the stuff scattered around the house from the night before, I found some paper towels.  Not on a roll, but wadded up in various places.  My Mom does that.  Its always been my pet-peeve.  My Mom wasn't here last night.  Sometimes it is scary the duplications we see.  I can't believe I've started leaving wadded up paper towels all over the house. 

When we became parents, we decided to be the best two role models we could possibly be to our two boys.  That meant taking all of the good our parents gave to us, ditching the "what were they thinking?" moments, and hopefully adding a touch of us.  Last night I laid back in the recliner and watched my three boys play the Wii.  Rustin doesn't really play, but give him a dead remote and tell him its his turn, and he's one happy 2-year old.  I soaked it up...knowing that it won't always be this way.  Time marches on and soon enough, they'll be picking up our quirky habits, scared to death that they are becoming just like those two crazy people that put everything they had into raising two amazing boys.