Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weight, Age, Silly Glasses and a Little Christmas..phwew!

Do you ever pull your pants up high on the waist in an effort to eliminate that ridiculous "Muffin Top"?  You know..that little pouch of fat that hangs over the top and sides of your pants.  

I do it all of the time.  

Especially when I'm driving the car and look down to see it hanging over the seat belt. I did it just now as I was walking down the hall after laying the boys down for naps.  I finally realize why the "Mom" jean was invented.  Oh and curse all of you ladies who can shoot out babies like crazy while experiencing no change to your body.   It's all but a little depressing.  Top it off with the jiggle in my arm every time I wave at someone and the little lines that have snuck up right next to my eyes...sigh...I all but want to sit down with a package of Chocolate cookies and make it all go away.

I have to renew my Drivers License in December, but the good news is that I won't have to do it again for 6 more years...When. I. Am. FORTY.  What??  I can't possibly be a mere 6 years from 40..I just turned 30...four years ago. 

In other news, Rustin is finally back to normal and we are praying that the Strep Epidemic of 2011 has left our house for good.  He can talk normally again, swallow food, drink his weight in strawberry milk, scream "No Ryder!", and beat the dog with the Wii Remote...all signs that Rustin is back to the old Rustin.

Finally...I have to share this. 
Don't be surprised if this is our Christmas Card this year.  His amazing personality will keep me young! He's an Old Soul.  He'd rather watch "How its Made" on the Discovery Channel than Cartoons.  He can tell you that Doughnuts where originally called "Oil Cakes".  He knows the names of all the various Car Washes scattered across town and is passionate about Bowling on the Wii.  He wants to be a Manager when he gets older, so that he can talk over the PA system (aka speaker).  He has "little accidents" with his glass of water all of the time...oh and Lemonade is bad for your teeth (geez..didn't you know that?).  He was thankful this Thanksgiving for Pluto and Rustin. 

Yesterday he started asking questions about school and then asked what grade he would be in after Kindergarten.  I told him 1st grade...and then we went through all of the grades until college.  He asked where he would go to college and I told him (ahem Texas A&M) wherever he wanted!  I reminded him, that he would most likely move away for college, and not live with us anymore.  He sweetly asked me to move with him...but of course!  Moments like this make all of the bad ones melt away.
We're decked out for Christmas and our Elf has come back...I'll start taking pictures of some of his hiding spots to share with you!  I saw this simple idea on Pinterest...some ornaments stacked up on a cupcake stand.  I added some greenery to the middle because I didn't have enough ornaments to fill the entire stand.  My most favorite time of the year!


Abbey said...

so funny and sweet... and I totally get you on the muffin top thing! But the thing that comes from pulling your pants put, that pooch in your jeans... it isn't any prettier to me!! UGH!!!! ;)))
love your blog girlie!