Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It is HOT!!!

I think that is all I really have to say. We had to be to the Doctor early this morning, and I had already soaked through my shirt before ever leaving the house. Gross, right? I put the Dogs outside and the first thing our swimmer did was head right for the pool. When you feel the need to take a swim at 7:30 a.m., it is officially HOT!

All was well at the Doctor today, aside from Ryder opening the door to the bathroom in the middle of me trying to produce a urine sample. (Note: I make him go in the bathroom with me because the last time I left him in the exam room, he pulled all of the paper off of the exam table.) Once I got the door secured again, I then hoisted the lug in one arm, while holding the sample cup in my other hand and trying to dribble something out. Good Visual? We wash hands and go back to the exam room where he then pulls a poster off of the wall, grabs some kind of tool off the counter top, and successfully dumps over the trash can. All while I am in the same room. It really was fun times! At least when Dr. Z came in, he gave her his sweetest "Hi" and made not a peep until we were done talking. He then very sweetly told her "Bye-Byes" about a thousand times...all she could do was eat him up and tell him how sweet he is...stinker.

In between the craziness that seems to be my life right now, I've started planning for Ryder's Birthday party. It seems early, but with our little one due to arrive about a week before Ryder's birthday, I want to have most of the grunt work already done. I have been searching for some Sesame Street Cookie Cutters...and let me say that those boogers are hard to find. I've looked on Ebay, but they all look so ancient. With no other options, I guess that is what I am going to have to go with. We are in love with "ELLLLLMO!", which actually sounds more like Grover to me in Ryder annunciation, and "COOKIE!". I decided to just do cupcakes again this year, and ordered some really cute liners off of Etsy. They are a really pretty chocolate brown, but a little smaller in real life than they looked on the computer. That is why you should always read the measurements...they'll work though. Once I nail which Cookie Cutters I want down, I just need the decorations. I figure Party City will be just as reasonable for that type of stuff as any place else, but be sure to let me know if you know of someplace else! We are in "Cost Cutting" mode around here these days and I figure every little bit helps!

No new pictures...sigh...I just haven't had the energy to pull the camera out. I should just keep it handy, but oh well...its too Hot. That is my excuse for everything right now!


The Hoelscher Five said...

AHHHHH!!! You go to Dr Z!! She is my Dr and I ADORE her!!! Don;t you love her?Please tell her Jennifer Hoelscher said hi next time you go in. I live very close to her and we both have the twin thing in common so it was always fun being pregnant with her as my Dr! Glad you are doing well, we missed you at the meeting last night.


Janelle said...

Awww, I wish I lived up there so I could watch Ryder while you go to your Doc appts. I have a hard enough time taking both girls to the pediatrician - I can't imagine the Ob/Gyn!
I agree on the heat - it is sucking out my soul.

Mary said...

Bless your heart. It's so hot NOT being pregnant and I can only imagine/remember how bad it is when you are. You're sooooo close to being done! What is new baby's name? Have you told and I missed it? Is it a secret?

Anonymous said...

Your story about the OB's office had me laughing out loud. It sounds all too familiar! Ryder's birthday sounds super cute, I'm so impressed that you're doing it. I remember being completely fried at the end of Trev's birthday...and I wasn't anywhere near as prego as you'll be! Take it easy momma... like you said- it's hot.