Friday, July 31, 2009

Summertime Blues

Whoever dropped upon our house and landed Ryder with this yucky cold virus can come and take it back! We've had enough, thank you! Breaks your heart when they're sick at this age because there is not much you can do for them. We are currently on Day 6 and hoping Day 7 arrives with a miraculous recovery. Here is a little of what we've been doing while staying at home this week:Buying Target out of Cold Remedies....We also have Saline Drops, Baby Rub and Boogie Wipes...they just weren't available for the photo shoot.

Making the Girls official members of the "Ryder Play-Club". He couldn't be around anyone else since it was a virus and very contagious per the Doctor.

Saving some Baby Cardinals that fell out of our front tree. We couldn't find the Nest, but Matt read that if we made a Nest, the Mama Bird would come and take care of them. She did!!

Ryder helped me make his Gran some Birthday Goodies!! We're banking on the fact that she won't look at this Blog before we give her the gifts! Happy Birthday, Gran! Its a Big One, but we'll keep the specific number a secret!

Finally, Daddy got a short-lived smile out of the little man this evening! Feel Better soon, Ryder!!!


Mary said...

Oh no that's a horrible week for you! Obviously for him too...

Hope he feels better on day 7! It's sad they don't let us give cold meds like they used to...I still give mine Benadryl when they can't sleep because of congestion. Don't tell my dr! LOL

Anonymous said...

Poor Ryder...and poor Mommy! There is nothing worse than being confined to the house with a sick little one. Not only are the feeling bad..but they're going stir crazy too! I hope Ryder is better soon and that next week will be MUCH better for you!

Mary said...

How is Ryder? How are you? Your comment about pills and thunder was hilarious!!