Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swine '09

Promise to have a new post about what's been going on in "Smithville" real soon! The Swine Flu infiltrated our walls and has occupied our lives since Friday. I am so happy to report that it appears we are on the road to recovery and back to our notorious 2-year old behavior!

I feel so out of the loop, we haven't left the house in over 4-days and you'd think all this time spent at home would have allowed for plenty of "Blog-Reading", but alas...No. I'll catch up on all of you and then catch you up on the four of us!


Mary said...

Oh The Swine as we call it...so sorry. Glad you're on the road to recovery :) I love your new layout!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are so happy to have Rustin home, and I hope Ryder is on the mend!