Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tasty Tuesday- Cheat

This is a huge cheat, but I promise it is a yummy cheat!

Go pick up a box of This at your local Costco. All you'll need is water, oil and eggs...add these according to the directions on the box and you'll have one delicious loaf of pumpkin bread! I like to throw in a few chocolate chips to give it a sweet twist! Also, try using Olive Oil or Applesauce instead of any oil for a healthier treat.

Speaking of Yummy...look at these little Pumpkin Pajamas...nothing like a clean smelling baby all snuggled up in his pajamas on a cool fall night!


Anonymous said...

what a little sweetheart! Is Rustin's hair darker than Ryder's was?

banksintexas said...

cutie patutie! thanks for the post, i'll be heading to costco tomorrow.