Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Aid/CPR

We lasted 10 weeks and 2 days before I had my first huge freak out moment as a Mom of two boys. Not too bad, huh? A Box of Raisins was the cause. Ryder is on a total raisin kick. You can buy them at Costco in Bulk and we go through them like crazy. I think I've heard that too much of one thing is never a good thing, but I tell myself it is better than snacking on cookies or crackers.

Getting to the point of my freak out, we had been on a walk this morning and were just back inside the house. I had nestled Rustin into the safety of his swing and was wiping down the counters in the kitchen while I updated Matt on our morning via phone. Ryder walks into the Kitchen and whines for some raisins. Since I am on the phone, I just handed him a box. Quiets him and I continue my conversation.

A few seconds later, I hear incessant coughing (so I thought) from the other room. I ask Ryder "Whats going on in there?" and step out of the Kitchen to see him shoveling raisins into Rustin's mouth. He is sweetly saying, "Here Baby!". I think my heart about came out of my chest. In fact, I know it did...I still had my heart rate monitor on from our walk and after I had cleared all of the raisins out of Rustin's mouth and was sure he was breathing normally, my pulse was still at 185. I Freaked! I Double Freaked! There is nothing worse than feeling helpless. I had taken First Aid and CPR over the summer, but in the heat of the moment it is so, so hard to remember the right things to do. I can only imagine how I would have felt had I not taken the class and had no knowledge at all.

So here is my point...if you have little ones at home, you should really consider taking a First Aid/CPR course. Matt pounded away at me on this one and I always thought he was slightly ridiculous, but not after today. I was so thankful to have that little bit of training in the corner of my brain.


Mary said...

Well I don't think you're crazy. I caught Charlie shoving cashews into Joy's mouth last week.


Can you imagine your horror of choking + a possible nut allergy?

I was close to death for sure. So glad he didn't choke and you didn't have to pull out your CPR skills!

Love your pictures of the four of you! You are just glowing and look beautiful.

P.S. also love the background!!

Chris, Miranda & Prestley said...

That is the scariest thing. We took the class and I still panic every time I think I may need to use it. My brain turns to mush in a crisis. Glad he's ok!

Anonymous said...

Joy...we've been avoiding raisins out of consideration that raisins and grapes might be fatal to our little dog if swallowed... I never even CONSIDERED how Trevor might use them to "entertain" his sister! Glad Rustin is okay...that is SO SO scary!

Misty Rice said...

Once I was driving and off into my own thinking world of things. I hear Morgan making a noise out of nowhere. She had a habit of gagging herself, so I assumed she was doing it because when I looked back her had was in her mouth. I looked again and realize she was freaking out, with total panic in her eyes, and her hand in her mouth digging out her plastic hair barrette she took out of her hair and was choking on.

I was in the middle lane on the highway. I could have caused serious car accidents. I flew over as fast as possible to the shoulder on the highway, while saying "okay baby okay baby hang on"....

I never panic-panic in the moment, but start shaking afterwards.

I too took CPR twice and have an emergency book I leave out and read through it all the time about the most common accidents, if it be shocking, burning, cuts, seizers etc. I always want to KNOW what to, but have had dreams and fears that should something REALLY REALLY BIG happen, would I too forget and go paralyzed in that situation.

Lets hope I don't have to find out.

Glad all is okay.

Connors said...

I took the CPR class before we had Evan. I had to use it 3 different times on him because he was choking and couldn't get air (baby food 2 of the times). I'm glad Rustin's ok. :-)

Janelle said...

Wow! Gotta love his willingness to share, but scary! I'm glad I took the CPR class too. Knock wood, we haven't had to use our skills!