Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Plain Wrong

I thought of making this a "Wordless Wednesday" post. Then I thought otherwise. Probably not a good idea to post these pictures with no explanation, it could quite possibly lead to an investigation of my parenting skills. I also thought it might make a great "Not Me Monday" post, but I definitely could not wait until Monday to let you see these pictures. Let's take a look at each picture and I'll provide you explanations as we go:

Picture 1: So this is where the Just Plain Wrong begins. Yes, this is Rustin in a Pink Doll Stroller which definitely warrants a three-part question:
A. In a house of boys, why do we have a pink doll stroller?
Answer: I found this on clearance at Wal-Mart during the summer and decided pick it up as a Christmas gift for my Niece. Ryder found it tucked away in Rustin's closet and proceeded to pull it out and push it around every chance he got. Choosing to pick my battles, I decided to let him have the pink doll stroller.

B. Why is Rustin sitting in the pink doll stroller?
A: Ryder, Rustin and myself were in the backyard after lunch letting Ryder run some energy off before nap time. I spotted some big piles of Dog Poo and decided if Ryder would land anywhere it would be in the said piles of Dog Poo. The pink stroller was on the Patio and I thought to myself..."this stroller looks Rustin size...I'll just put him here (strapped in you'll note) while I pick up the poo.".

C. Why do you have a picture of Rustin in the pink doll stroller?
A: cute does he look? Are you telling me that you wouldn't have run to get the camera and capture the moment forever?

Picture 2: Well how sweet is this? Ryder decides to give his little brother a casual push through the grass. How dangerous can that be? I mean if he were to accidentally dump him over, the grass is nice and plush.

Picture 3: But wait...grass is no fun...this thing pushes much easier on concrete.

Picture 4: And with that...he was off and yelling "Weeeeeeee!!!" all the way. Our cute little photo session ended promptly, so that Mom of the Year here, could rescue our precious little 8-week old cargo from the danger of a 2-year old who is full of adventure and speed!

So in a "Wordless Wednesday" and "Not Me Monday" sort of fashion, let these pictures speak for themselves as I tell you that I definitely did not let my 2-year old push my 8-week old baby boy around in a pink doll stroller while I snapped away with the camera...that definitely was not me!


Misty Rice said...

I was expecting a stroller upside down on top of a little boy coming up next. LOL


Connors said...

This made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

Janelle said...

I love it. He does look adorable, even if it is pink. And I can just hear Ryder screaming "WHHHEEEE" so, so cute.

The Hoelscher Five said...

YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!!! Awesome pics, precious boys!!

Mary said...

I laughed out loud too--and WHO CARES if it's pink?!

Just that he fits in a little doll stroller is the funniest part!

Anonymous said...

Joy! This is so funny... at first glance, I didn't even notice it was a doll stroller- Rustin fits so perfectly! He just looks like a big-kid! lol. I have a feeling Ryder and Rustin will be going on many, many wild rides in their childhood days! ;-)