Monday, August 23, 2010

Documenting Milestones and Making Friends along the Way

I am terrible with grabbing pen and paper to jot things down the traditional way. In the beginning our blog was a way I could document my boys happenings as they occurred. I never imagined when I started this little virtual journal that I would make some great friends along the way. I read about the daily trials and joys that come along with life and parenting on Carley, Heather, and Mary's blogs every week.  They make me feel a little more normal on a crazy day...they humble me when I start to think I'm getting this whole parenting thing under my thumb.  We got together today at a Splash Park to cool our tots down on this 106 Degree August day. Thank you, girls! I had so much fun and I think the kids did, too!   We'll have to do it again once the temps dip back down into the mid-90's, ha!
Miss Tatum! (She belongs to Heather)

Mr. Ty!  (Mary's sweet boy) really cool and grown up kiddo (Tatum's big brother)

Cody..he reminds me so much of my two stinkers (Carley's)

How cute are these two together? Eating their suckers like big boys!

Mr. Ryder



Carley said...

It was so fun to meet you! Sorry I was so grubby but I guess it didn't matter since we were in the heat and at a water park! ha! I had seriously rolled out of bed and come. I love the're camera is amazing...not wonder your pictures are always so good! Thanks for taking them and for your sweet words!