Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preschool Day One

Preschool Day 1, Year 3, Old Hat.

Sad business.

Welcome Home from Preschool Swim.  It is amazing to me that a Little Tykes slide and a Plastic Play pool can provide so much joy.

And to Complete Ryder's outdoor experience, Daddy added Nick Jr. to the patio.  Somehow this seems like an oxymoron.  We send you outside to play and get away from all of the technology that fills the modern house...but wait.  Huh. 

Thank goodness we finally found some chairs  (on clearance) for our pool-filled, Nick Jr. watching afternoons outside.



Mary said...

Hey nothing wrong with TV outside in my book! I'd catch up on my DVR'd shows while they are playing outside if I were you! Ha. Cute pics of your sweet boys.