Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playing Catch Up

 Wow. We've been home since Friday night and it is only until now that I am feeling a little refreshed and caught up. I still have loads of laundry to do, but other than that all is in order from our trip. We were brave, very brave. We took Ryder and Rustin on a cruise from Galveston to Cozumel. Luckily we had Matt's family there to provide us moral support when we needed it most.

I think most of you will agree that a vacation with two toddlers is A LOT of work. I would do it again in a heartbeat though. The week before the trip was spent packing. There is something about knowing that you are going to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no Target or CVS around that made me become a super packer. I think we had our entire medicine cabinet, four weeks worth of clothes for each boy and six months worth of baby wipes in our suitcase. Thank goodness. Rustin had some issues the entire week which resulted in full use of his four weeks of clothes and depletion of the wipes.

Ryder had the time of his life. We spent most of our time on the top of the boat hitting up the mini water park. At one point I looked at Matt and said, "Maybe we should have just gotten a hotel room next door to Hurricane Harbor.". Rustin hung with us in his stroller. God love him! He has the best temperament and never fusses. Even when we keep him in a stroller, at a faux water park, for hours on end with nothing to do except watch his brother go up and down a slide that he can't use because it clearly states that children in swim diapers are not allowed. Seriously??? I'll just say that after seeing several swim diapered toddlers sliding away, we broke the rules and let Rustin experience the rush with his brother.

When we weren't at the water park, we were riding the elevator (a very close second to the water park for Ryder), loading up on pizza and mac'n'cheese. Reintroducing healthy foods back into a certain two year old's diet has been slightly less than fun this week. I can do a whole post on Ryder's poor eating habits and the ploys he pulls at the table. Sheesh.

We swam with Stingrays in Cozumel which was amazing. We snorkeled, we napped (Ryder has to nap...he is crazy crabby without a we napped too. What else can you do when your two kids are sleeping in dark little sardine can sized room?), we got all dressed up and we took lots of crazy pictures.

On our way home we stopped at NASA and the Space Center. It is an amazing little museum for parents and kiddos. Ryder was in love and again Rustin hung in his stroller like a trooper. There were a zillion people there being that it is still summer. We lost Ryder at one point. We found him. In an elevator (told you he loved them), by himself, riding up and down.

Climbing the Rockwall at Space Center Houston...all by himself!  Actually he had a little help from Matt, but I was still impressed...pretty sure I couldn't do it.

Blowing Rustin's luxurious locks of golden blond hair through a wind tunnel mock up.   ;)

The End.



Mary said...

Woohoo for y'all! I'm glad the trip was a success! Bless Rustin. That was Charlie for me. Just happy tone along for the ride. I feel better about losing Ty on Halloween since you lost Ryder on the elevator :)