Monday, August 16, 2010

What in the Heck?

I have lots of updating to do from our trip last week, but first things first. Lets start Monday off with a good laugh.

Explanation:   Ryder is always putting on my glasses and walking dizzily around the house.  Can't imagine how that is good for his eyes.  So....I found these (strictly for cosmetic purposes was stated on the tag..what???) at Wal-Mart this weekend.    These remind me of what I wore in the 7th grade.  Has that style come back and I missed the fashion update?  For real people. 

Anyway, I placed them in the drawer where I keep my prescription lenses and like magic he started wearing them around. 


Mary said...

awesome! i love you how you just stashed them there and let him find he thinks he discovered them. so funny! i had some like that too-mine were purple :)

Janelle said...

I have a picture of Tori with my glasses on and she's my "mini-me" it's sooo funny!