Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Up

 It is quite possible that I could go bonkers without the TLC Network. I am a TLC junkie. I watch all of their shows..its hard to rate my favorite, but I do love The Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, Moving Up and The Little Couple.

Today is a very lazy Sunday morning.  I must add that this is largely thanks to my husband who is keeping Ryder entertained as they deep scrub both of the cars, and Rustin who is quite possibly the best baby ever. Back to Back Episodes of "Moving Up" are on TLC and this equals amazing. I get inspired.   I feel like we have done tons to our "Moving Up" home...but then it seems otherwise when I see what the people on this show accomplish.  How do people afford a new home and then afford the cost of gutting the inside? Hmmm...thoughts to ponder.

We can't afford to do all of the gutting that happens on "Moving Up", but we can do lots of little things and many of them are at very little to no cost. Let me show you Ryder's bathroom mirror. I (actually We...OK, mostly Matt) gave it an inexpensive makeover. We bought just a few pieces of Trim at Lowe's. Measured twice, cut once and spray painted.

Here is the  BEFORE:

Now for the AFTER:

I re-staged this little truck from his room to the vanity and added a little finger-tip towel to the truck bed.

This was the only "Transportation" Toothbrush holder I could find.  We brought it from the old house, so we've had it awhile. Some vinyl cut outs decorated his soap bottle without buying a new dispenser.  I copied this idea from a sweet friend, the Queen of Cute :-)

And I had to throw this in...while I was snapping these pics Ryder was there...I asked to him to practice smiling pretty and this is what I got.  Hmmmm.  We'll have to keep working on that one!



Mary said...

so cute! so we went looking at houses yesterday, (ours isn't even on the market yet,) and my realtor took us through a neighborhood on the border of Midlothian and Waxahachie and I thought, I don't even know which side ya'll live on! shoot me an email with where y'all are. Love the bathroom makeover! And I saw the email about tomorrow--what did everybody decide??

Anonymous said...

LOVE what you did to the bathroom...we totally have one that could use the same makeover! Looking forward to hangin' out!

Amber Connors said...

The Connors family may have to "borrow" your mirror idea. Love it! Just the right touch to make it an upgrade. :-) Ryder is such a sweetie!

Carley said...

so cute! i love the update! i love to decorate and get ideas off blogs and tv shows too! And your ideas are fab!! love it!