Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Burlap Wreath

I had a tease post about 2-weeks ago with an image of the start of a burlap wreath.

Truth be told..I ran out of hot glue and tried using straight pins.  FYI, that doesn't work. Don't try it.  I decided that the method I was using to apply the burlap looked messy, so I removed everything and started from scratch this morning.

I had all of the burlap scraps in a pile and I just started folding the strips in 1/2 and then rolling them into a tight pinwheel.  I hot glued the end of the pinwheel to itself and then glued it to the wreath.  Keep going, filling in all the blank spots of the burlap wreath.  To add color, I used some orange wired ribbon I had in my craft closet and made a few more pinwheels.  The final result looks like this.

There are a few fake spiders (the big one is from Michael's)...the small ones are the little rings, that I cut the rings off of.  I followed this tutorial to make the tag.  There is a free download for the printable!  Awesome!

I re-purposed an old grapevine wreath I had up in the attic.  All of the other materials were purchased for less than $10.00.    There you go!


Mary said...

Awesome! The pinwheel idea is so cute.

Carley said...

Joy! You are over the top with your craftiness and cuteness! I wish I lived closer to do craft with you! I made a wreath too but out of pumpkins/sunflowers/etc. I love yours! I love it! Thanks for always putting up your ideas! I am good at copying ideas but not creating them. :)

Abbey said...

Hands down, you are my craft/decor hero!!! Love it!!!!